TaxConcepts Approach

TaxConcepts’ office is conveniently located in the heart of East Atlanta, between Flat Shoals Ave & Gleenwood Ave. TaxConcepts  is a progressive multidisciplinary practice that distinguishes itself from the linear scope of traditional law firms, accountants and tax preparation practitioners. TaxConcepts recognizes that addressing client’s inter-related business, legal and tax needs concurrently is simply practical.

We offer corporate and individual clients business consultation, legal and tax services through a single expertly skilled team of attorneys and professionals. Our unique intersection of business operations nuances, fiscal strategies and knowledge of the applicable rules of law, provide a comprehensive and holistic advantage to clients.

Our Valuable Team Members

Aislee Smith

Attorney V. Aislee Smith is the Founding Member, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Tax Attorney of TaxConcepts, LLC.

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