Consulting Matters

General Counsel and Business Consulting

TaxConcepts realizes that tax-exempt organizations, entrepreneurs, and business persons of all types contemplate numerous legal, tax and business decisions every day. TaxConcepts is here to assist you in processing these important decisions. From the initial business concept to execution, TaxConcepts’s consultation service provides critical professional support.

Whether you are interested in a one-time strategic planning consultation for tax strategies; or business development; or risk management for a long-term project, TaxConcepts’s consultation services is the prudent solution. If you engage our Attorneys as your consultants, you circumvent the substantial expense of actually hiring in-house staff attorneys. Whether you need TaxConcepts General Business and Legal Affairs Consulting services or Taxation and Accounting Consulting, our attorneys become a part of your team. We are available to attend business meetings and identify the business, legal and tax implications from the genesis of your process.

Our consulting philosophy is simple. First we listen! We believe that it is impossible to assist you if we do not take the time to understand your objectives and culture. After listening, the benefit of our advanced legal and tax knowledge and practical public and private sector experience, we are compelled to be the “devil’s advocate” to your advantage. We ask the hard questions: “What’s the best possible outcome of your proposed business transaction?”; “What is the absolute worst possible outcome?” Next, we guide you in tailoring the business, legal and tax infrastructure or action plan to make sure you are adequately prepared for the best and the worst contingencies.

Our goal as Consultants is to analyze your proposed business initiatives in a fashion that accommodates growth and prioritizes the appropriate steps to mitigate risks. Please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation or learn more about how we can become an integral member of your team.