Corporation Matters

Corporate clientele receive the advantages of a large firm experience, yet receive the personal and vested interest in the details of their business operations. We believe we cannot advise you unless we take the time to actually care about your operations enough to understand what you do and where you are headed. From inception of a business venture concept, through the brainstorming of business development, we are prepared to identify and address the legal implications of various corporate activities.

Entity Formation
Whether you are dreaming of starting a business, a novice entrepreneur or established corporation, proper legal entity selection and formation is your foundation for success. TaxConcepts will assist you in selecting the best entity for your corporate activities, revenue, liability protection and taxation. You may have initially established your business as a sole proprietor or C-corp; TaxConcepts will guide you to what is appropriate for your business now! Additionally, TaxConcepts will assist you in establishing sound corporate governance documents, such as By-laws and Operating Agreements to help you keep the peace amongst business partners.

Contractual Safeguards
Every business transaction and business relationship is based upon a verbal or written agreement. The question is whether the agreement is legally enforceable and crafted to best protect your business interests. We are skilled in drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts, including but not limited to:

  • Operating Agreements
  • By-laws
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Independent Contractor
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Commercial and Residential Leases
  • Investor Agreements